• Alex the Bear is a physical character that sits on the handle bars of hire bikes

  • He guides tourists through Berlin by talking to them

  • Prototype: Raspberry Pi with camera, microphone and speaker and the technologies used

Alex the Bear: A Voice UI bike tour guide

At the Talk to Me hackathon in Berlin, a colleague and I and two other team members designed a Voice UI tour guide for tourists.
The idea was to voice enable the ubiquitous bicyles in Berlin that tourists can use to get around the city.
A branded voice UI - which takes the shape of the Berlin bear - guides the tourists around the city and takes them on different tours according to their interests. No fumbling with your phone to find the way or looking for wifi because you don't have Internet on your phone.
Therefore, we installed the Google Assistant on a Raspberry Pi which would be inside the bear that sits on the handle bars of the bike.
Just jump and and let Alex guide you around the city.

For Alex's witty, funny and sassy personality, we won the price for the best personality.

Say "hello" to test Alex

Category work
together with Martin Ecker
Reference on UID website

Year 2018