• Headset with electrodes attachted

  • Prototyping first

  • Cap finished, now time to sew the horns on

  • Easy access to the electrodes

  • Working late

  • Yay! First price!

Category free time

Year 2017


I participated in the BR41N.IO hackathon at Ars Electronica 2017 and together with another participant, I created a soft, comfortable and fun EEG headset for kids. Unlike most commercial headsets, it is made of fabric and all the electrodes are hidden inside the two layered construction, so that kids don't get scared.

The electrodes can easily be reached while the headset is being worn: The horns can be flipped to the side which gives easy access to the electrodes underneath. The headset is completely washable because the electrodes can easily be taken out and put back in.

Our project won the first price in the Artistic Projects challenges.