• LED Xmas tree workshop at STPL / Fabriken

  • Tree with exposed circuit for demonstration and finished ones

  • Work in progress

  • Some of the results

Christmas Bizarre at STPLN

I gave a workshop at STPLN - the local Maker space in Malmö - for the Christmas Bizzare event where I showed people how to make small LED Christmas trees. The trees were made from cardboard and felt and were decorated with LEDs and Christmas ornaments. They are powered with 3V batteries that can be exchanged. I showed and helped people how to make the trees and solder the LEDs. Kids of different ages and even adults enjoyed making the trees very much and took their creations home.

Before the event I figured out the circuit layout for the LEDs and created Illustrator files for the different parts which I then laser cut.

Category free time project

Year 2011