• Testing the hood in the dark (see video with making off below)

  • Initial sketches

  • Attaching the LilyPad to a template with metallic snaps...

  • ..so that it can be taken in and out of the project

  • Programming the hood

  • The hood almost completed


The Light hood is a personal exploration about safety while biking or walking in the dark.

It is a custom made hood that can be attached to different jackets. The hood has LEDs sewn inside under a pattern of dotts. The LEDs illuminate the dots from underneath. It also has two laces with very bright LEDs at the end which can be used as little flash lights. My approach in this project was to put an idea out into the world and see what people would make out of it. After finishing the hood, I wore it for a week and showed it to different people. The reactions were very diverse and showed lots of other interesting use cases for the hood like for festivals or performances.

Making of Light hood

Category free time project

Year 2011