• The finished belt

  • An early version with the components inside

  • Work in progress

  • Connecting conductive thread to wires to avoid short circuits with the respiration sensor (knitted piece)

  • Conductive thread connects the LEDs (which makes the belt soft and smooth)

  • Testing the LEDs with a LilyPad from another project

  • On/off switch on the outside of the battery pouch (in "off" state)

  • On/off switch in "on" state

  • The finished version explained

Dream belt

I sewed a belt for the Master's project of a fellow student. His project explores the importance of dreaming in waking life and therefore he wants to measure body signals while a person sleeps to represent that data in waking life. The belt measures the wearer's respiration, movement, temperature and heart rate.
To house all these electronic components, I made pockets inside the belt which can be opened to access the components and even have see-through windows. I also made all the soft circuits with conductive thread inside the belt so that it is soft and comfortable to wear: Sewing the status LEDs on the outside and the different sensors on the inside and outside. Creating a good solution for the on/off switch and the sensor that recognizes when the belt is worn was particularly challenging.

Category free time project for a friend's Master thesis

Year 2012