• The team (my colleague Katrin, Gerard from France and me) showing the idea

  • Our little prototype

  • Presenting the project in the final presenation

Permanent Memories

I recently attended the "Hack for Ageing Well" hackathon organized by the AAL-Forum in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland. The theme of the hackathon was to develop solutions for better ageing and my colleague Katrin and I had just the right idea for that: A system that would turn the digital pictures which grandchildren take with their smartphones into tangible post cards which would be printed out at their grandparents' home immediately.

Another hackateer was convinced by the idea and joined us. Together we broadened the scope of the system, turning it into a system for the whole family: Not only does it print digital memories but also saves them in a form of time capsule which keeps the memories safe. Via a web app, family members can send pictures to the grandparents which will also be securely saved and tagged.
In the short time (29 hours), we developed the web app and made a prototype which can print digital pictures automatically.
We were really happy that we won the first price at the hackathon.

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together with Katrin Schäfers
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Year 2016