• Workshop at Maker Faire Berlin 2016 with around 50 participants

  • Soldering the components for the glowing monsters and pumpkins

  • Template and electronics assembled

  • Electronics assembled: The light sensor makes the LEDs glow brighter when it's darker around

  • One of the finished monsters

Maker Faire Berlin 2016 & 2017

At Maker Faire Berlin, I gave a workshop for kids and adults how to make their own glowing papercraft monsters and pumpkins. Together with a colleague, I prepared the materials and created paper templates for the monsters and the pumpkins.
First, people took the templates and cut out their model which they could customize with different parts (wings, ears etc.) and draw on them. Next, they soldered the electronics and then put both pieces together.
The LEDs poke out of the monster's or the pumpkin's eys and glow more or less bright according to the light sensor: When it gets darker, they glow brighter.

It was a lot of fun and we were really happy that a lot of people of different ages joined and had fun building the glowing paper toys.

Download the instructions and template for the papercraft monster (in German)

Short video of one of the monsters in action:

Category work / free time

Year 2016 & 2017