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Cross Social Media - Maskrosor

In this project, the aim was to create digital poetry. We were working with different Swedish poets to publish their work digitally in the recent issue of Pequod - a Swedish literary magazine.

My team consisted of three students. We worked together with the poet Helena Olsson. Since her poetry is very much influenced by nature, we created an interactive website mainly themed with nature. In the website, you can listen and experience three of her poems. There are three different "layers": In the middle layer, you can experience the poem visually and auditory. In the top layer, you can just read the words and in he bottom layer, you can see how other people experienced the poem by the pictures they uploaded and you can also upload pictures yourself.
Our aim was to open the poetry for broader audiences and also for them to be able to interact with the poetry.

I created the visual layout for the website and also worked on the technical implementation.

Category studies in Interaction Design

Year 2011

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