• Gathering insights

  • Brainstorming ideas

  • Redesigning the building's structure

  • Making and programming the prototype

  • Functional prototype with terminal

  • Visualization of the final product

Navigating Kranen: The Kranen Kube

Navigating Kranen was the first project I worked on at Malmö Högskola. The aim was to design a solution how to navigate the building that we study in better. The building has a lot of issues concerning navigation. New students have a lot of trouble finding rooms when they start to study there.

After conducting user research with other new students, we came up with a dual soultion. We redesigned the numbering system to be clearer and we created a key chain device (the Kranen Kube) that shows students in which section of the building they have classes next. It is a representation of the whole building cut up into different sections which shows remarkable spots like the ship in the middle as well as stairs etc. If the student wants to find a different room than in the schedule, he can put his device into a terminal and type in a room number. When a corresponding room is found, the according section in the device lights up.
The device was intended as a "welcome" gift to new students to help them find their way.

Download the presentation

Category studies in Interaction Design

Year 2010