• Display in the dashboard of the car

  • Display in the center console of the car

  • Close up

  • The website for the system


In 2008, I graduated from Hochschule Darmstadt in Darmstadt, Germany. My diploma thesis “Innovative Media Systems in Passenger Cars: Development of a Community-Aided Advanced Driver Assistance System“ dealt with media systems in cars. In collaboration with two other students, I developed an advanced driver assistance system which encourages drivers to drive ecofriendly while still having fun driving. The objective was not to make drivers drive slow but more efficiently. To motivate drivers furthermore, the systems is not limited to the car, but also includes an online community which drives competition. In the car, the system consists of two displays: one in the dashboard (first picture above) and one in the center console (second picture above).

My role in the project was research, conceptual and visual design. I researched current advanced driver assistance systems online and in car retail stores as well as the possible target group. Based on that I created personas and rough wireframes. Finally I graphically designed the user interfaces of the car displays and the website. After finishing the diploma thesis, we presented a basic functional prototype of the system.

Category studies in Media System Design

Year 2008