• The scarf worn

  • The scarf

  • The insides (1): batteries, Arduino Uno + Sparkfun MP3 Player Shield, amplifier

  • The insides (2): the touch sensor, made with 2 layers of conductive fabric separated by a layer of velostat

  • The insides (3): loudspeaker, vibration motors, amplifier, Arduino Uno + Sparkfun MP3 Player Shield

  • The finished scarf

Cat scarf

This isn't just a scarf to keep you warm. It's also a cat that you can take with you wherever you go - it's your own little companion.
When you stroke its head, it starts purring which you can hear and feel. But when you don't enough attention to it, it gets upset and starts meowing.

It's a little side project I've been wanting to finish for a while.
Personally, I'd love to get a real cat but I'm allergic to most animals. Which is a shame.

Category free time project

Year 2012