• Putting the kit together

  • Modifying the projector to be able to focus in short distances

  • Printer in action

  • One of the first prints: The details are stunning

  • They are tiny!

Building my own 3D printer

When I found the LittleRP on Kickstarter last year, I couldn't resist any longer to get a 3D printer. It can print amazingly detailed and small objects because it prints with resin instead of plastic. So I backed the project and the kit for the printer came back this spring. It consisted of 3D printed and laser cut parts as well as screws - but it needed one more thing: A projector to project the sliced 3D model onto the petri dish where the resin is in.

I needed to modify the projector because it needs to be able to focus in a really short distance. It wasn't all that hard but still a little scary to take a brand new projector completely apart.

As expected, the first print did not work out but after some troubleshooting, it worked perfectly. The details of the prints are stunning and couldn't be achieved with a PLA or ABS based DIY 3D printer.

And there it is: complete!

Category free time project

Year 2015